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SilencerCO Maxim 9MM

One of the hottest and most innovative firearms on the market The Maxim M9 is a very reasonable $1,500 when you consider all that you get:  9mm semi automatic  Integrated suppressor (silencer)  Can be holstered  Owner can shorten the length by 1 inch and still retain low decibel noise using subsonic ammunition   Lower recoil because of barrel length and weight   Support of a rail to allow adding accessories   It has a great design and look   Other leading  gun manufacturers will follow once public demand increases and more states ...

Kill all Journalists?

  WTH was Walmart thinking allowing this T-Shirt to be sold on their e-commerce site. After the Radio Television Digital News Association sent the largest retailer in the U.S. an email to Walmart’s top four VIP flagging the shirt's message. Within five hours the T-Shirt was pulled off the Walmart site. [shows the power of an email] Any one can play dumb and pretend there is no direct threat to the journalism industry, but the message is painstakingly clear, “hang journalist!” All of us 2A supporters when we see something like this, a direct threat ...

No charges will be filed against a Louisiana man who killed an intruder near his back door

No charges will be filed against a Louisiana man who killed an intruder near his back door Officials said no charges will be filed against a Louisiana man who killed an intruder near his back door. The LaPlace, La., resident told police he heard voices coming from his backyard one evening. He opened the door and looked out, spying two strangers, one of whom rushed him. The homeowner responded by shooting, and the man later died. Detectives described the suspect as an ex-con who was under the influence of synthetic marijuana. (, New Orleans, LA, 9/13/17) from American Rifleman magazine.

Purchasing your First Firearm – how do you choose?

Purchasing your first firearm is a very important decision. How do you choose which gun to buy? Here's a helpful list from an expert that will help to ensure you and your first handgun are the right fit. If you don't absolutely love your first firearm, it's probably not the choice you should have made. Take your time and use these pointers as a guideline. You won't go wrong!


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