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Visual Learn Hot Promotional Picks - NRA

Empowering women, men, and teenagers with knowledge, education, and training on the safe use of firearms.

Click the image below to Join NRA 

Here is a short list of some of the benefits you get and are entitled to by joining today and becoming an NRA member:

As an NRA member, you'll receive NRA's 24/7 defense of your firearm freedoms, an award-winning magazine with (4) to choose from.  Valuable insurance coverage, free admission to NRA's annual show, Friends of NRA banquet invitations, and more!

For new NRA members only: NRA Hat, member ID card, and Window decal.  Discounts at over 6,000 hotels and motels nationwide.  

*New as of January 2017!

NRA is now partnered with the Medical Concierge Network. Call MCN at 1(800) 352-6094 to speak to a representative about your specialized NRA member-only benefits, or see more information at

MCN is your Professional and Personalized Health and Medical Advisory Service

As a member of the Medical Concierge Network (MCN), you and your family can receive the highest level of personalized medical assistance available.

You get 24-hour, toll-free, medical care, support, and advice 7 days a week, 365 days a year, while you're at home, or traveling anywhere on the globe.

Medical needs most often arise when you're right at home. That's when MCN can be most valuable - helping you find the proper doctor, or the best specialist, or getting you an appointment after you've been told you'll have to wait for days or even weeks.

MCN is also your savior if you're thousands of miles away in a foreign city, or in one of the world's most remote destinations, especially for adventurous NRA members.

I should know ... I never thought I'd need something like this, but my membership in MCN may have saved my life.
I was traveling in Indianapolis about to give a speech, when I felt some discomfort. I called MCN and they immediately got me an appointment with one of the city's top internists who told me I needed surgery - luckily a minor surgery. But MCN didn't stop there. They recommended a top surgeon where I live, and after giving my speech, I returned home and had the procedure.
I don't know how MCN did it, they just made it happen. And it was so simple ... all I did was make a phone call.

Through the exclusive partnership I'm announcing today, you'll receive that same extraordinary attention, special MCN member pricing and exclusive benefits.

For as little as $1.25 per day for an individual membership, you'll have the best health and medical advisory service available when you need it. Memberships that cover up to 6 family members are also extremely affordable.

And a portion of your MCN membership is donated to the NRA Gun Safety and Education Program.

You can reach MCN at 1(800) 352-6094. A representative will help you with your specialized NRA member-only benefits. You can visit their web site at

The Medical Concierge Network IS NOT health care insurance, and does not take the place of insurance coverage.
The Medical Concierge Network IS a critically needed extra layer of protection beyond health care insurance if you want the highest level of professional and personalized health care services and benefits available for you and your family.


Most homeowners, renters and auto insurance policies limit coverage for firearms, leaving serious gaps in protection. ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance takes over where other policies fall short.


ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance provides NRA members with protection for legal firearms and attached accessories, such as scopes, rings, mounts, slings and sling swivels. Whether you keep your guns at home or carry them with you, there’s always a risk that something may happen to them.

This coverage protects your guns and accessories from:

  • Damage
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Loss (including theft from a locked vehicle)

For firearms valued at $2,500 or more, we will need a list with each item’s value. 

As an NRA member you get 10% discount and unconditional 60-day money back guarantee when you signup for  LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection ID theft is the fastest growing crime in America Public Wi-Fi, data breaches and shopping online puts you at risk for ID theft. Criminals can take over accounts, buy property, even commit crimes in your name. LifeLock is a leader in ID theft protection. With our proprietary technology, We use innovative monitoring technology and alert tools to help proactively safeguard your credit and finances, detect and work to resolve identity theft issues if you become a victim.

Our $1 million Service Guarantee.  If you become a victim of ID theft, a dedicated ID Restoration Specialist will begin helping immediately. We'll even spend up to $1 million on lawyers and experts if needed.

NRA Term Life Insurance

Higher Coverage Amounts Now Available for NRA Members

Get a free quote now in just seconds! Our licensed and experienced agents will help to select an insurance company and term policy that suits you – without pressure or obligation.
Check out the NRA Term Life Insurance money-saving options in this special NRA-sponsored program.

There is nothing more important to you than the people you love – and we understand that.  That’s why the NRA offer it's members the opportunity to protect their family’s financial security… with NRA Endorsed Individual Term Life Insurance.

With NRA Term Life Insurance you could pay as low as $12 per month for a $250,000 10 year term life policy* (for a healthy, non-nicotine using member age 40) to help your loved ones get by financially – and keep their dreams for the future alive. 

NRA Personal Loan benefits:

  • Save up to $5,7901 with a low fixed rate
  • 36-72 months to fit your budget
  • No processing fee, no prepayment penalty, and no annual fee

NRA maximum Rewards Visa Card benefits:

  • Earns point for every $1 spent,
  • Choose from (70 different designs)
  • A $35 BONUS   Get a $35 statement credit with your first purchase. That’s enough to reimburse your one-year NRA membership!
  • Every purchase funds important NRA programs:
    • Legislative action in support of your Second Amendment rights
    • Education and training programs
    • Over $24 million raised to date!
    • You won’t be liable for unauthorized purchases if your card is ever lost or stolen.4 Plus, you’ll enjoy Purchase Security, Travel Accident Insurance and protection against identity theft with built-in FirstGuard®.



Be on the look out at our Visual Learn site.  Starting July 2017 we will promote Free Giveaways on our Facebook page and Discount Coupon Codes on Twitter of our classes for those that follows us!



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