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Empowering women, men, and teenagers with knowledge, education, and training on the safe use of firearms.

Visual Learn Curriculum


Here at Visual Learn we offer an exciting course package for students wanting to learn more about the safe use of firearms in a fun, challenging and hands-on classroom environment.  


What is the difference between a course and a class:

EVENT A course might consist of multiple live class sessions, or a single class session. A single class, composed of the outline, learning objectives, content, hands-on activities and in many cases an open-book exam..
The duration of a course depends widely on how many class sessions it contains, and how frequently they’re held. A course might continue for days.
The length of the single class session, which might run up to a few hours.
CONTENT A course is assembled using shared content (Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents,  PDFs, etc.), evaluation exercises, written test, lots of hands-on events and exercises and more. It is a complete package on a particular subject, topic or student level. A class is a live interaction between students and teacher, conducted within the Visual Learn high standard for quality training of its students.
TYPE Can be either several live classes or self-paced learning modules. Synchronous unless watching the recording later for review.
OUTCOME Is intended to provide a recommended path of classes for the student to advance in their learning skill Is intended to provide specific teaching and training for the student to become proficient in a certain area of firearm competency 


We offer the following course package:


Beginners Course Description 

Most of our classes follows the NRA curriculum but greatly exceeds it. The NRA curriculum only requires a basic familiarization with the firearm in question. We feel that this brief exposure to shooting a firearm is not sufficient to build the required safety foundation and marksmanship foundation. We work with you to ensure that you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and demonstrate safe firearm handling skills. Once basic academics, and marksmanship training with low power .22 caliber pistols is completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and come away with complete confidence in your knowledge of pistol types, operation, and marksmanship fundamentals. Why this course is different: Our intense teaching format with lots of hands-on training ensures you will leave with the highest level of knowledge, proficiency, and safe firearm handling skills of any basic course. Visual Learn strives to be better than our competition by also providing the opportunity for learning above and beyond the NRA curriculum. Our Instructor ratio is one instructor to every 3 - 4 students when at the range doing live fire. You will shoot to basic proficiency rather than just  the familiarity level minimum required by the NRA.  You will shoot approximately 80 rounds of ammunition.You gain a level of confidence that you can make a firearm purchase that is right for you.

Visual Learn offers excellent value for the money compared to other courses elsewhere. After you have taken and complete any of our firearm classes, available to you in perpetuity is free advice or information.The price of all our classes include all materials, firearms, and ammo used in the course except ammo for your personal firearm.

Who Should Register for our Class: 

Men, women and young adults not yet owning a pistol will find this course an invaluable introduction to pistol ownership and use and should definitely consider this course. Current pistol owners who either have never taken a formal course or feel the need for a refresher training class in safe gun handling and pistol skills will also find this course valuable, fun and learn about firearm safety. Corporate groups will find this a particularly appropriate course either as a service to their employees or as a group activity to provide a shared, fun experience fostering and improving teamwork.

Beginners Course Requirements:

  • You should own a FOID card, however its NOT mandatory 
  • You may NOT have shot a firearm within the last 3 years  
  • You may or may NOT own a firearm  
  • You have a high regard for the Second Amendment and want to learn out about firearms in a safe and secure environment  
  • You are 15 years of age or older   
  • You are curious and want to learn about firearms and how to handle and use a firearm as a responsible American  citizen

Beginners course package of classes we recommend you register for and the recommended order:

  1. NRA Home Firearm Safety     (4 hours)
  2. NRA Pistol Marksman Simulator Training  (4 hours)
  3. NRA Basic Pistol   (8 hours)
  4. NRA Refuse to be a Victim (4 hours)
  5. NRA Range Safety Officer (8 hours)
  6. Illinois Concealed Carry using the CLIC Curriculum   [2 (8 hours) days]  
  7. Illinois *RENEW* Concealed Carry  (4 hours)
  8. Women's Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals (8 hours) 




Be on the look out at our Visual Learn site.  Starting July 2017 we will promote Free Giveaways on our Facebook page and Discount Coupon Codes on Twitter of our classes for those that follows us!



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