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About Visual Learn

Empowering women, men, and teenagers with knowledge, education, and training on the safe use of firearms.


Our passion is to empower women, men, and teenagers with knowledge, education, and training on the safe use of firearms.  With an emphasis on safety first, fun, hands-on activities led by our well-trained instructors.



About Visual Learn LLC:

Visual Learn are focused, dedicated, certified firearm instructors.  We offer passionate instructors who share their experiences to help educate men, women, and teenagers on firearms safety and firearm use.   We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to thorough classroom preparation using visual objects, hands-on activities that reinforce the material taught in the classroom. We actively seek students to participate and be engaged in the classroom portion to ensure our students gain the necessary confidence, knowledge, and experience. 

The owners of Visual Learn saw there was a big need to offer the best NRA training courses possible with a dedication to engage in a positive learning environment with our students.  Our company was founded to encourage our students through each step of their growth as a firearm owner.

The owners of Visual Learn noticed that many of the websites offered very good firearms training, but their websites were lacking a lot and did not provide visitors with the following:

  • Clear list of classes offered with a detailed description of what the class covered, what the student end goals should be once the class completed and the requirements for taking the class
  • Clear list of calendar and schedule of classes offered
  • Simple and easy way for visitors and those interested in registering for our classes to view the calendar, schedule of classes and with a simple click add a class to the shopping cart
  • A video page of careful researched, selected educational videos that are public domain for your pleasure and the view at your own pace
  • A blog with educational, inspiring, and head-turning writings
  • A page detailing the forms that are mandatory for all our students to sign before taking any class.  The forms will be provided by the teacher before each class begins
  • A page explaining what Visual Learn Privacy policy is for those that register on our site
  • For those following us on FaceBook we will periodically offer FREE Giveaways
  • For those following us on Twitter we will periodically offer Coupon Codes that can be used for any of our classes to receive a discounted price

Visual Learn, as the name implies, is much more about introducing visual teaching aids, equipment, with a hands-on atmosphere into all our classes.  It is our hope that when the class is over you have mastered classroom skills with balanced learning from the instructors sharing from their actual experiences, student interaction, and enjoyment from the active participation portion of the class.  We are honored for the opportunity our students allow us to enrich their minds,  heart, and passion with classes about safety, protection, and firearms.

Visual Learn teaches its classes using the NRA sponsored material, NRA course format, and NRA guidelines. The NRA is a non-profit organization, which advocates the gun rights of all American citizens. The NRA was first chartered in the state of New York founded on November 17, 1871.

Thanks for taking the time to look and read all the way to the bottom of our website.  We hope you found some useful information!  As always, if you need us, we're here.  Shoot us an email at if there is anything we can do to help.  As always, shoot safe, shoot often, shoot with a purpose.



Be on the look out at our Visual Learn site.  Starting July 2017 we will promote Free Giveaways on our Facebook page and Discount Coupon Codes on Twitter of our classes for those that follows us!



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